The Annual Ladakh Neurology Camp

Dr Tsering Norboo is founder of the Ladakh Institute of Prevention. He has dedicated his life to public health, first described mixed dust pneumoconiosis in the local population and has run large, extremely successful local campaigns to eradicate Rheumatic Heart Disease and H.Pylori infections.
the CAMP
The Ladakh region is a remote and sparsely populated land stretched between the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas. A southern terminus of the Silk Route, the capital Leh, is situated at 11,500 feet, along the banks of the great Indus River.
 The Annual Ladakh Neurology Camp first started in June 2013 and has been held on an annual basis ever since, to serve the people of Ladakh. The Camp was an idea conceived of by Dr Tsering Norboo of the Ladakh Institute of Prevention, Yangdu and Motup Goba of RIMO Expeditions and physicians from Cleveland, OHIO, to serve the people of Ladakh. Access to specialized neurological diagnosis, investigation and management is not easily available, particularly to individuals living in the Zanskar, Kargil and Changthang areas. In particular, specialized investigational access to electroencephalography (EEG) requires either an aeroplane journey to New Delhi, or a two to three day overland journey across several high mountain passes that are accessible only for four months of the year.
Since inception, the Camp has seen, diagnosed and treated over 1000 adult and pediatric patients and carried out over 300 EEG tests.
Current and past participants include physicians, physician students and other volunteers from:

  • Case Western Reserve University,
  • University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center,
  • North Bristol NHS Trust,
  • Queen's University in Kingston,
  • New York University,
  • University of Pennsylvania,
  • University of Delhi,
  • Defence Institute of High Altitiude Research  
  • Paris-Sud University School of Medicine
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • Ohio State University
Dr Michael Devereaux is Professor of Neurology and an Attending in Neurology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OHIO. He is a neurologist and expert electroencephalographer, and a founding member of the Camp.
Dr Shahram Amina is Assistant Professor of Neurology  at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OHIO. He is  a founding member of the Camp and teaches complex epilepsy management in the USA, Iran and India
Dr Ian Ormerod is Consultant Neurologist and Neurolophysiologist at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, UK. He is a Camp veteran and has several decades of general neurology, neuro-opthalmology and medical student/junior doctor teaching.
Karchen Lhatoo is a freshman at the Ohio State University and a founding member of the Camp. He began with assisting EEG test acquisition and camp organization, as a high school freshman, graduating in the 2015 and 2016 camps to become lead EEG technician.
Rigzin Lhatoo is a high school sophomore from University School in Cleveland, Ohio. He began as an EEG technician in the 2013 camp and led the EEG team in 2017. He and his guitar also took charge of evening entertainment for camp staff!
Each year, the Camp is followed by a multi-day, high-altitude, long distance mountain bike ride either within the Leh and Nubra Valleys or out of Leh into Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Some prefer to white water raft and others have climbed Stok Kangri
(Pic: 2014 Ladakh Neurology Camp Bike Trip to Tsomoriri)